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4 May 2011

Imitation is the best form of flattery

When I received this email earlier this week it made my day!

Hi Zoe

I thought you might like to see how you have had an influence on a new generation of artist!  We recently visited a gallery in Blakeney where my six year old son fell in love with your linocut prints.  He used his own pocket money to buy a card of "Summer Rays" and this morning has produced his own tribute to it!  I attach a picture for you to see.

Your prints are lovely.  Good luck with future work.

Best wishes

Getting emails like this makes it all worth while :-) And his picture is fab!! It's based on this one below:

Summer Rays

1 comment:

  1. eeeeeEEeeee!!! how cool! a bloggy friend who is a friend in real life too!! Zo, the blog looks fab already, and I love that you got that email..awwww and double awwww, plus, what a talented 6 year old, I shall be very chuffed if Felix is producing work like that at 6!
    Ceri x
    PS I have a LOT of fabric :) I'll show you next time you're down (when will that be by the way?!) x