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5 Jul 2011

Its been a while.....

Its been a while since I last blogged. Since then there have been new images created, linocut workshops taught, open studios visits and new greeting card customers on board. So as you can see busy times!!

These are the new linocut images created.

I like the idea of old fashioned postcard style seaside designs which is what inspired these linocuts.

I am pleased to say that Jarrolds department store in Norwich, as well as the Forum shop, Chapmans of Southwold, and a Shop with a view are my newest stockests of my greeting cards with my linocut images on them.  

24 May 2011

Selling on Amazon help!!

I have been selling greeting cards with my artwork for over a year and they have proved to be very popular. So I thought about having a go at selling them on Amazon. Not as easy as I was expecting. First of all I had to sign up to GS1 to get Product Identification Numbers and then spent days entering information and photos of the greeting cards. Eventually I had about fifteen different greeting cards for sale in different amounts and was pleased with the outcome.

I eagerly awaited for my first sale to happen......nothing )-: After  a couple of weeks of nothing I had a look at the reports available of traffic coming to my pages and realised that no one was viewing them!

If anyone can offer me any guidance or general inspiration with how to sell well on Amazon I will be eternally grateful. The link to my Amazon page is:

23 May 2011

Norfolk Open Studios

I've had a brilliant and exhausting weekend. This weekend just gone was the first weekend of open studios in Norfolk. This is my first year and wasn't sure what to expect. So far I have had 14 people visiting with some artwork sold!

I decided to do a linocut taster session so people could have a go at linocut printmaking. It was two hours on Saturday morning and I was really impressed with what the people produced, especially in the restricted time limit. I have still have spaces for anyone in the Norfolk region to come on the 4th June. Please email me at if you would like to book a space.

9 May 2011


This is my newest edition to the flower designs. I used a mixture of lino and acrylic for this one. The black outline is lino and the colour was added later using acrylic.

This was inspired by a trip to Foxley Wood in Norfolk. Bluebells are so amazing in bulk on a beautiful sunny day.

4 May 2011

Imitation is the best form of flattery

When I received this email earlier this week it made my day!

Hi Zoe

I thought you might like to see how you have had an influence on a new generation of artist!  We recently visited a gallery in Blakeney where my six year old son fell in love with your linocut prints.  He used his own pocket money to buy a card of "Summer Rays" and this morning has produced his own tribute to it!  I attach a picture for you to see.

Your prints are lovely.  Good luck with future work.

Best wishes

Getting emails like this makes it all worth while :-) And his picture is fab!! It's based on this one below:

Summer Rays

2 May 2011

My First Blog

Hi, I'm a printmaker new to the world of blogging. I'm looking for fellow printmakers and artists to share experiences (good and bad!). I specialise in linocut printing, both black and white and colour. I use traditional reduction process, starting with the lightest colour to the darkest cutting from the same piece of lino. More recently I have been using lino to create the patterns and shapes and then filling in colour with acrylic. This gives me a larger freedom of colours.

This is a linocut image of Southwold Lighthouse, Suffolk. I have used linocut for the black defining shapes and patterns and acrylic for the colours. I found this gave me flexibility to use many different colours.

This is a linocut image called Summer Rays. I have used a traditional reduction process here. It was a nightmare printing with so many different colours. After this print I started to experiment with different techniques.